Fancy Free

Valentines Day calls for romance and fancy.

I’m pretty emotional but probably not romantic, and certainly not fancy.

So I don’t have any prettied up words for today.

I have some great memories of love, romance and fancy….

Like my not yet  husband dropping to one knee on Christmas morning, reading me the Sonnets of the Portuguese and asking me to marry him.   And then asking me every single day since, even after we were married, would I marry him.

That’s pretty fancy.   And pretty romantic.

Of course I say yes.  Every single time.

Memories of hand made Valentines from beautiful little children I get to call mine.  Chocolates for them.  Kisses for me.

Today one daughter picked me up and took me to lunch.  It was fun.   It felt happy.   And it was full of love.  Just being together and eating bagels.

Then out of the blue my other daughter texts me  and tells me I am the most awesome mom EVER because she is married and I still bought her Raisinets  for Valentines Day.

More love.

I told the guy at Walgreens after he checked me out this morning “Happy Valentines Day” and he was so startled he didn’t know what to say.   It made me smile, and him.

My husband wanted to know what to get me for Valentine’s Day.   Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.   Today is a symbol.   It’s a symbol of something I get every single day in so many different ways.   Yesterday it was babies loving me.   A bike ride in February.   Today chocolate to die for cake from my boss.  Friends passing out love and cheer with homemade treats.   A life with a man who gives me love every day for no reason but the love its self.  Kids who love me all the more as they turn in to wonderful adults.

Pizza shaped like a heart for dinner.

I don’t have fancy for you.    But there’s all kinds of love in my world.