Sad Is Better

So there’s this fella that I pass on occasion.  I’m not sure what his issue is, but he comes across as very rude.  It started to get me down.  I mean, to pass someone and speak to him and he does not return the greeting.  I’ve seen him do this to numerous people.   So I don’t take it personally.   Well, I try not to take it personally.   But it is definitely frustrating.

It makes me sad.  Sad is better than angry.

I don’t want to be mad at this guy.   I don’t want to trash talk him.  Which, by the way, I’m not doing here.

I want to understand him.

Is he a terribly sad man?

A very introverted man?

I know, it is possible that he is just mean.  But I don’t want to think this.

I want to think I just don’t know him and he doesn’t know me.    On the one hand I want to hold him totally responsible for his indifference and honestly his callousness, because that is what it is sometimes.  On the other hand I want to think there’s just something within him that he struggles with and doesn’t know how to conquer.

There are moments when I want to stop in my tracks and scream “really?  you can not speak to any of us?  get over your self!”

But most times once I walk away I wonder if there are reasons he has that keeps him from smiling, from sharing, from speaking.   Once I walk away and get past the inward eye rolling of my own at being exasperated by him once again, I feel sad.

Sad for him.

It’s better than being angry or frustrated.   Feeling sad for someone makes me want to help, it makes me think it must not be so great walking in his shoes if he can’t manage a “hullo” or a “g’ mornin'” to others who pass him and offer him the same.

Sad is better.   I wish he would go hug someone.  Or someone go hug him.   I’d be happy to see him smile at someone.  It’d be nice to know he was able to smile.

I feel sorry for that fella.