It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I’m not sure but I think that I should site Mr. Roger’s for my blog title today.   If by copy right laws I should, consider it done.

But it just so happpens, it is, a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

It’s near 70.  It’s February.  It’s Ohio.

Though those things  play in to why it’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood it’s not the weather that makes it so.

It’s passing people on bikes, running, walking, and pushing baby strollers.  It’s people trying to get fresh air and enjoy being outdoors without being bundled in arctic wear.

It’s smiles and easy comments.  Pleasantries.  Shared joy in being outside and as some country friends use to say “blowin’ off the stink”.

It’s sitting on our porch for the first spring, oh wait, it’s still February.  Okay, for the faux spring and watching others walk by.   Some of them, many of them, looking up at us and giving us a happy holler.  And yeah, I wish I had left my bike on the porch after riding today so they don’t think I’m a sitting on the porch doing nothing kind of slacker.  Though, sitting on the porch without having exercised is a joy all unto it’s own anyway.  Especially on a February day.

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  I’m glad I’m wise enough to enjoy it!