To what I would do when I run the world:

Make people talk.

That’s right.   Sit down.  Across from one another over a fantastic meal.  Or sitting in easy chairs in front of a fire, or in camp chairs around a campfire even.   But the rule is….you gotta talk.

Say it.

Explain it.

You’re angry?  That’s okay!  You are allowed to be angry.  But anger is not the first step to hate.   It just means you need to explain yourself, or have someone else explain themselves.  Or something needs cleared up.   Or, even, we have to learn to disagree.  But we need full understanding to do that.

You don’t understand something?  Yeah, well, join my club!  I am clueless to so much.  But you will ask questions!  And those who have answers, they will not mock you!  Heavens no!  Not when I run the world!!!  I have discovered that most people who have answers you need, they are so willing to share!  They just don’t know that you need answers.  Because you don’t ask.

When I run the world people will not say there is a lack of communication.  Because if you feel someone is not explaining something, or you need an answer to something, or you are frustrated about something:  you will be responsible for asking, explaining, telling your words.

I have learned (learnt?) that when people complain about lack of communication they are usually waiting on someone else to resolve it.   When they could resolve for themselves by asking about whatever it is they do not feel informed about.

There are so many ways to do this.

Addendum decreed.   So be it!

Talk away!