Can You Hear Me?

So a police officer choked me yesterday….

Yeah, I kinda said that for dramatic effect.

But, then again, its kinda true.

We, the detective and I, are  practicing for a demo we are doing together and he’s the attacker and I’m the one demonstrating how to defend one’s self.   It’s going to be epic.   Okay, well, maybe not epic.   But at least we are hoping it will teach someone (s) a thing or two about protecting themselves.   It happens to be something I’m very passionate about.  One of the somethings.  I think we should all live in a manner that keeps as healthy as we can be.   As safe as we can be.  As proactive as possible and in as much control as possible for a productive, happy and challenging life.

The blog is really not to get preachy or anything (so sorry about that little segue above).   What this blog is really about is the results of the police officer kinda choking me.  But not really choking me.

I barely have a voice today!

Apparently applied pressure to your throat/vocal chords/larynx while talking and demonstrating things is not conducive to a healthy voice.   I’ll have to remember that.

For the rest of you, enjoy the reprieve!