Mamo Part Tri (Say Tree not Try)

A baby?   A baby?

What do you do when your baby tells you she is having a baby?

You expand!  That’s what you do!

The capacity to love increases of course.    When you think your heart is full and you can not be more grateful or more joy filled than what you are in life….. Have your baby tell you she is having a baby.

Instant.   Capacity.   To.    Love.    Even more.


That simple.   That easy.  That incredible.

I know this is all about them.  And the wee one on the way.   But from the Mamo’s perspective I can’t help but hope ….. If your (my) kids grow up and are excited and eager to start their path to parenthood that maybe, just maybe, you did something right.   Maybe they saw the joy and felt the power they had as your (my) children.   And since they’re older and aren’t “the” child any more, maybe they want to recreate it.   Being where you (I)  stood.   Eager.   Excited.   Daft with that “oh my GOD I’m going to be a mom (dad)” jitters.   Full of fancy and imaginative moments of the anticipated birth.  The first smile.   First laugh.   First step.   First “mama”.  First “dada”.   First day of school.  First date.   First graduation.   First baby of their own.

A baby.

My heart is already waiting.  And full.   For you.

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