See, It’s Like This

So am I weak?  Am I spineless?   Do I have no will power?

4HB-ers, I ate a bagel!

WAIT!  Don’t stop reading….  it’s all right.   It is.   I promise.

See, here’s what happened.  I’m sick.  Again.  Fifth time in 3 months.   I go to the doctor.  He’s all on board about making me better.   Good doctors are like that.  While there I told him about the 4HB plan and he was not opposed.   Since I have been fighting being sick, getting sick, and getting better  I am pretty well depleted.  Was pretty well depleted before I started the 4HB plan.

But even as sick as what I’ve been I could easily take the 3 flights of stairs without my legs feeling like they were going to implode.  I might be breathy when I got to the top quickly.   But my legs had the power to do it.   To summarize:  before I started the 4HB I was sickish, but could move and motivate through whatever I wanted or needed to do.  Including running at home on the treadmill.

Then I started 4HB.  For 2 weeks now I’ve just gone down down down on my energy.   This is where the leg imploding is envisioned.   I have no zip in my ippity doodah.

And dagoneit I am sick.

So on the way home from the doctor I had a bagel.  Just a bagel mind you.  Nothing on it.   No Timbits.   No donuts.   And when I got home I ate beans.   BEANS.   I am not going over board, not jumping ship.

I just steered a little around a hole in the road.  Or ocean.  Or whatever.

I just felt a little guilty and decided I needed to come clean.

It’s not about the bagel.

It’s just I needed something to blog about.

Hahahahahaha!    🙂