Spousal Support

I usually have a lot to say and take a long time to say it.

Today…short and to the point:

Husbands should not make their wives cry.


Though I believe in a woman’s ability to take care of herself and be independent I still assign some stereotypical traits I expect out of men.   Okay, well, to be fair, they should be assigned to men and women regardless of what sexes make up your relationship.   So okay let me rephrase this.

Husbands should not make their wives cry.

Wives should not make their husbands cry.

Wives should not make their wives cry.

Husbands should not make their husbands cry.

Maybe I could say it like this:

Spouses should not make their spouse cry.

Or, okay, maybe this includes everybody:   significant others should not make their significant other cry.

I think that is probably the most inclusive way I can think of to say it.

Okay, so I didn’t keep it short and to the point.   Well, it’s to the point, it just isn’t short any more.

My point being if you commit yourself to loving someone you should be their greatest source of JOY, HAPPINESS, SECURITY, EVERYTHING GOOD.

You should not be the inflicter of pain and sadness.

Or tears.

If you’re making her/him  cry, who is making her/him  feel better?  And when someone else causes pain why bother coming to you for comfort.

What’s your role in your loved one’s life?   If it ain’t good, you suck.

There, that was pretty much to the point.

(PS:  after my own husband read this he was concerned it was about him.   Of course it wasn’t!  He has never made me cry.   I am blessed.)