Loss of Normal

Yesterday I watched news clips of a country literally being shaken.

Yesterday I watched, horrified, as an ocean swept in and devoured a country.

My chest froze  while I watched helplessly as water swept in and ate up homes, fields, ships, cars, and everything that seemed solid and heavy-was not.   I prayed that I was not witnessing the death of hundreds of people.   I became aware while I watched that there were likely millions, like me, watching in that horror filled trance.  I became aware of the fragility of “us” against the powers that are greater than “us”.

So far away I saw people, people like me, like my parents, like my children, like my husband.   People who get up and eat breakfast and put in long hours of work.  People who read to their children.    People who do the same things I do every day.    People.  People.  People.

Today I am in a car driving to a destination.   I have work to do.   Things I have to get done.  Doing normal things on a normal day.  I feel horrible that I have normal.  Horrible because so many don’t have normal today.     I am not taking one second for granted for the normal I have today.

Somewhere else people are shaken.  Scared.  Mourning.  Searching.   Normal is gone.

It’s because I am right here that I am safe from what they are suffering.   And all I can do is watch.

And pray.

Pray for the people.

God bless the Japanese, Japan and all people every where being affected.