Ittakesa Update

To celebrate heritage and love of country and ancestry I have an exciting announcement!

This has been developed and created and I have been waiting for just the right time.  Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day and celebrators will be too busy to pay it the proper attention so I bring it to you today.

Ittakesa has sister villages.   That’s right.  The sister villages, notice this is plural, already exist.

Guess where they are?

Well, if this is the VERY first post of mine you’ve ever read you may be curious but should have guessed from an above mentioned comment.



And they do exist.  Sadly for you I can not tell you where they are.  I don’t want you all rushing over there and being there when I can’t be there.   Is this selfish of me?  Of course it is.   I understand your disappointment in me right now.   But it will just make the building of Ittakesa all the more important and valued.

And even better?  I have been to the sister villages.   Did you just get a chill?  I know, you should be jealous.   But as I have also previously posted, positive jealousies are permitted.   You are glad I went.  You just want to go as well.  Understandable.

In an unrelated but kind of related exciting note…..   I was perusing pictures of our last Ireland trip.  We were locked out of Grannia’s castle our last trip.  Of course I had my own experience the others did not get to share.  But the pictures revealed something to me I had not noticed before.  I had held the camera up to the windows of the castle we were so wrongly denied to.   And there, to the left, is a grey and white silhouette orb, shadow, whatever.  It is the profile of a woman.  In the castle.  I  kid you not.

If you can’t click on the picture to enlarge it the detail may not be as clear.   But she is there.

Ireland and all Irish lovers and wannabes….Happy St. Patrick’s Eve!

2 thoughts on “Ittakesa Update

    • As soon as I got your note I added the picture when I got home. It is not as easy to see if you can not enlarge the picture.


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