Today And Only Today Until This Day Is Done

It’s St. Patrick’s Day.

What else do I need to say?



Yeah, did you really think I would let it go at that?

There’s a song sung by an Irish group and one of the lines goes like this:  “where the cares of tomorrow can wait until this day is done”.   This is my anthem for today.   My lesson to learn.

There’s always so much going on in the world.   It’s a nonstop life we have.  And no matter what is going on now, there seems to be an over abundance of worry about what is yet to happen.  I’m not pointing this out to you.  I’m pointing it out to me.  I’m so busy checking things off I have to do sometimes, to get to something else that I’m supposed to be doing.  And I fail the song.  I don’t wait until this day is done to start worrying about tomorrow.

Today my goal was to enjoy this day.

I went in to the morning with joy in my heart.  I wanted to keep it there.  So I have stayed here, in this day, today.

It was a great day to teach myself a lesson.  A lesson I desperately want to absorb.   So St. Patrick’s  day is my day to learn.    A day to celebrate a heritage I am fascinated by, in tune with, and passionate about.  Husband and I head to the “big city” for the big parade.  We know that the parade is only going to be as fun as the people with us.   So why not enjoy it with other like minded folk?   That’s right, HOOLIGANS!    Big and Little Hooligans at that.  It was a good call to make.   They helped make the day and helped me learn my lesson.

At the parade we made quick friends with a fellow named Patrick who scared the Hooligans.  Okay, really it was only one of the Hooligans.  Big Hooligan.  To be fair Big Hooligan would say she was not scared of him, he freaked her out.  But Patrick was harmless.   Happy.   And come on, he was wearing an Aran sweater.   And he was pushing his wee daughter in her stroller for her first St.  Patrick’s Day parade.   But Big Hooligan was having none of this.   So we navigated away from Patrick to assure Big Hooligan she was Freaky Patrick Free.    Poor FPF.   And for the record, Big Hooligan is not going to be happy I am referring to her as “Big Hooligan”.   But I am thoroughly enjoying it.   Haha!   I hope you hear that laugh with an Irish lilt.

Here comes the parade.  And it was joyous.  Which was good for the theme of the day.    Irish sights that made my heart happy.   People everywhere celebrating and enjoying all things Irish.   Dogs the size of …very large dogs.    An Irish Wolf Hound is an incredible beast.    St. Patrick, the man himself.   I have to admit I agreed with Big Hooligan who was concerned about St. Patrick who looks like he might want to consider taking a bit better care of himself.  It’s nice to start the parade with homage to the sainted one.     But joy of all joys the parade is made beautiful by, that’s right….  Men in kilts and bagpipes.   Men in uniforms!  Men in uniforms wearing badges!    Candy was thrown.   And you know what?  There was a curly haired little boy who kept giving candy to our Little Hooligan.   When Little Hooligan overcame his shyness he mustered up the courage and gave candy to Curly Hair Boy.   It was wonderful.   Little people who are generous and giving are the hope for all of us.

I loved the men in uniforms who looked so proper and stern.   But I loved it more when I yelled “thank you for serving” or “thank you for protecting us” and one of the stern looking fellows would smile.   Others would wave.   Some nodded.   Some yelled back and waved.  And they just look so impressive.  To be quite honest I am impressed and in awe of anyone who signs up for a job that puts their life on the line to protect mine.   America is certainly the melted and melting pot it boasts of.  But this country has been protected by many an Irish policeman and fireman.   There’s a rich history there because the Irish have spent their entire history fighting for and protecting their own.

The parade goes on.

The “big city” is full of faces you don’t know.   How much more connected you feel when a family face dances by you!   Then you can run in to the parade and hug a brother, a sister, a niece!

Oh the world is full of joy!   And the ability to appreciate it today is a song for sure.   I’m learning to live this moment without putting pressure on today for tomorrow’s burdens or chores.

Then with the fun of the day still in our hearts we went for a run and ran as the flag of Ireland.

I have to admit I was impressed with Big Hooligan who pushed Little Hooligan in a jogger while I huffed and puffed behind.   I bet no one else ran as the flag of Ireland!

Was that enough for the day?

Not today it wasn’t.

We needed more Hooligans.   And we got them.

What else do you do on a day to celebrate being Irish and being Hooligans and wanting to live this day?  You go to an Irish Pub (okay it probably technically was a restaurant but please don’t rain on my parade today).   With Hooligans and husband and a proper Irish Matriarch joining us it was a dinner with dancing and yes…joy.

The entire day was lived.  It was lived well.   It was lived long.

Usually when I write I try to write to share or entertain or express.   Today?   Today I wrote this for me.   To review the day and review the love of the day.   It’s a record of a day lived for the day.   A day loved for its fullness.   A day that is not yet over so I will leave the cares of tomorrow for the love of having tomorrow as a gift, for tomorrow’s cares and joys.   Today’s gift is still with me.

Thank you for this day.   And my lesson learned.