She’s Trying To Kill Me!

Double thick bread double layered French toast pecan casserole.

With Canadian maple syrup.

With bacon.   And fruit for health.

Pizza.   With a side of Coca-cola cake with FUDGE for icing.   FUDGE for icing not fudge flavor.   It bears a third time:  FUDGE FOR ICING.

Reuben sandwich with onion rings.   The side was coffee ice cream with caramel and chocolate syrup.

Snacks:  pretzel/crackery/peanutty thing.   Chocolate chip cookes with chips the size of nickels.   Chocolate cream pie.

Hamburger with french fries.

Chocolate covered caramels.

In a 24 hour period.  I know I forgot something.

My aunt is trying to kill me with food love.

My uncle is aiding and abetting.

My husband is a cohort.