I think I have wobbly electrolytes.

Imbalanced would mean not steady.   Right?


Wobbly electrolytes.

I suppose the only reason I’m really sharing this with you is that I am awake.  And don’t want to be awake.  I want to be asleep.   But the wobbly electrolytes, or lack of potassium (isn’t potassium an electrolyte? or part of that whole system of electrolytism?)  are producing leg cramps.   Leg cramps are encouraging me to stay out of bed and sit in the recliner.   The recliner is new and has a not inviting smell to it.   Too chemically.  Nothing is working together with the wobbliness to induce sleep.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.  I, personally, am not wobbly.   It is an entity all to it’s self within my complexities that is wobbly.   One part of the complexity is messing with other parts of the complexity.   Therefor creating a chain effect of wobbliness.   I am trying to simplify this for you.

I hope I have succeeded.

Unfortunately no stability has been provided for my wobbling electrolytes during this ridiculous blog.

10 thoughts on “Wobbly

    • WOW! Thanks again Chris!! 🙂 I will be reading all of the blogs you posted. I appreciate you!!!!!!!!!!!!! so very much!!!


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