Yesterday I Was In High School

Yesterday I graduated high school.  Got a job.  Got married.  Had a child.   Went back to school.   Had another child.  A divorce or two.   Worked.   Worked some more.   Got fat.   Got fatter.   Got tired of being fat.   Lost my father.   Worked on being not so fat.  Got smarter and learned how stupid I was.  Got smarter and realized how much more I have yet to learn.    Still working.   Met challenges I never thought were meant for me.  Set goals I refused to let go of.   Met and gathered  friends.   Lost some friends and found some more.   Still working on keeping that fat at bay.   Still learning to live and love and appreciate.   Still finding excitement and adventure everywhere I go.  Still wanting to learn the things I haven’t yet learned.

Today a classmate posted on Facebook about a high school reunion.

I stopped.

Wait a minute….just stop world.

I looked over my shoulder.   I looked back.

Holy crap.   Where did this part of my life go?

I’m standing here looking behind me and there is no way that I graduated high school and fast forwarded to this moment right now.   There is no way.

How did I get from that moment to here and do it so fast?

I’m still looking behind me.   I don’t want to turn around and look forward yet because the minute I do when I turn to look over my shoulder again I’ll wonder where today went.

Yesterday was just a breath away.   How did I accomplish so much, fail so much, move on and forward and do it in the breath it took to get to this day.   Today.

I’m stopping in this moment right now to take inventory.   I am not the age I am.  I am that high school student, but with a little more experience.   Probably not near enough.   Because I still feel like that high school student.  I still wonder what is out there.  I still wonder what I can accomplish.   I still believe that there are challenges for me to take on and conquer.   There are years between that high school child yesterday and the adult I am supposed to be today.

Years.   In just a day.

What will I do by tomorrow.