Some Body Had To Create Words, So Shall I

Woe is me.

Woe, for anyone who is not sure, is an “exclamation of grief, distress, or lamentation” (thanks

I call woe for a couple of reasons.   One, I started a new way of eating five weeks ago.  I was absolutely positive it was finally the way for me to do away with hunger pains, lose some flubbiness, and be overwhelmed with energy to do all of the incredible things I have lined up to do in this lifetime.   I had actually pictured, envisioned if you will, myself bouncing like Tigger with the energy that this eating plan would afford me.


It is not working.   I weigh 2 pounds more than when I started and have suffered fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, and general sadness at lack of super powers I anticipated.

Two: I have decided there are things I need to be doing in addition to the things I am doing now.   I need to be a traveler, an experimenter of life.   I am suppose to be seeing things and imagining things when I see these things and then tell all of you about these things.   Like when I went to Ireland last year.  I am suppose to be doing these things and taking you all with me via my little laptop writing machine.

I’m not doing that.   And for the last five weeks the reason goes back to my first woe.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Three.   I’ve decided I am not doing something else I am suppose to be doing.   Problem is the only thing I know about it, is that I am not doing it.   I am very aware I am not doing it.   But still, it eludes me.   I suspect that I won’t know what it is I am suppose to be doing until 1) I get my energy back so that I can 2) go out and experience all of these things I need to see and write about so that 3) I can discover exactly what it is that I am not doing that I am suppose to be doing.

These are my woes.

I will address these woes.   My first action step will be to eat a bagel tomorrow morning.    A banana.   I will smile when I eat these things.   I will review my first woe and be determined to recapture the limited energy I had prior to this eating plan because it was better than what I have now.     This first step is very important.   If I address the first woe I will have more of an ability to address the second woe, which will lead me in to the addressation of the third woe.

It may be a vicious cycle of woe building.

But the woe destruction will be ever so wicked.   Good wicked.

And apparently one thing I am suppose to be doing is making up words.   The woe is already under attack.   Just the thought of a bagel is power!