Saddle Shoe Patience

I anticipated some good news today.   It was hinted at, suggested, that  it may appear today.   It did not.   But that’s okay.   It still might appear.   I was given a heads up that it’s being worked on.   Things are being crunched and addressed.  So my day was full of anticipation.

Until recently I lost sight of anticipation.      Part of me thinks that is part of growing up.   Part of adult hood.  It’s certainly not been around for awhile.   I kind of miss it.   I recognize  it is a wonderful thing.

If I reflect on the best joys of childhood they almost always included anticipation.  The obvious things like birthdays, holidays off of school, Christmas, vacations, parties.   But other things like new school saddle shoes that I had to wait the entire weekend to put them  upon my feet Monday morning for school.    Or sitting very impatiently at the kitchen table while mom made pancakes for breakfast for dinner.   Being 12, 15 and 17 forevvvvvvvvver waiting to turn those big magical numbers.

I didn’t get the news I wanted today.   And it’s okay.   I know it’s still being worked on.   The impatient me actually took a back seat this evening when I sat down.   Because the kid in me was excited about what could happen, what might happen, what I had to wait and see would happen.

I’m waiting.   I’m nervous.   I’m excited.   A little bit scared.

But it’s all part of anticipating something potentially good.

So it’s all good.