WordPress.com You Silly Pranksters You!

Oh WordPress you humor me!

Some people have accused me of being a bit OCD.   I freely admit to some of this.  I also argue some of this.

I will not argue that I like to come to WordPress.com and check out my stats and see what I can find to read on others posts.  I should explain to those of you who do not post that when I say “check my stats” I can check and see how many times my post has been “hit” today.   I don’t know who actually reads the post.  But I can tell if it has been read once, or fifty times.   Well today I roll the cursor over the stat and up pops “April Fools!”.   And the stats look abnormally HIGH.

You funny pranksters you!

I enjoyed it.   I like that there are people behind the blog page with a sense of humor.

I actually picture some of you WordPress techies and IT guys getting a bit of a kick out of the prank.   How many pulled up their stats and went “HOLY SH*$” at the jump in their average numbers.

I have only one complaint.

Instead of adding a hundred or so “hits”.   I would have LOVED to have seen a number like FIVE MILLION.   That would have made me actually laugh.   The hundred only made me slightly grin.

GO BIG next time WordPress!!!

But I loved that you did it.