Fair Play

As I drive myself merrily to work this morning I was listening to the dj’s talk about a certain baseball player who just signed a fifty plus million dollar contract for three years work.   Their question to the listening audience was “do you feel like you are fairly paid”?   I don’t know too much about baseball personalities, and in the baseball world someone obviously thinks this person is worth the money for his abilities.  Kudos to him.

Anyone who can do great for themselves with hard work, I admire that.

What I don’t admire is us, the world at large, who have our priorities screwed up.

I know this argument is old but I’m gonna say it anyway.   I want the man or woman who runs in to a burning building to save my life to get paid a little more.  If hitting a baseball out of the ballpark is worthy of that kind of money, what’s a life worth?

I would like to see the men and women who stand behind a badge and face uncertainty every time they pull over a speeding car, or  knock on the door of a domestic violence call get paid a fair wage for facing fears every day.

I think I am paid “fairly”.  Would I like more?  Sure!   But I stop to look at what I do, what others do.   When I put value on what we do there just seem to be people who are not paid fairly.   I acknowledge that most people who go in to a field that is full of dangers and unknowns don’t usually do it for the paycheck.  There is payment in many others ways, that being our acknowledgment of their risk, and our gratitude for their service.

I guess I just see abilities that should be rated differently, prioritized better.  I might get enjoyment out of seeing a home run or grand slam.   But I am in awe of a man or woman who spends their life, their career, risking their lives to protect mine.   Or teach my children.   Or find the cure for some horrible disease.  Or sit with an elderly person so they do not feel alone.   Or have the patience of Job with the mentally ill who others can’t deal with.

It’s great for the baseball player.   I just wish it was more fair for others.