One Page

I need to see the book.

“The book.  The book that turned darkness in to light.”

There are a few things left in Ireland I haven’t yet seen.

The book.  The book.   Is one of them.

From what I understand they turn the page once a day.    How many people have ever seen the entire book?   What if you lived there, and went every single day so you could see every page.   And something happened and you missed a day!   How excruciating would that be?

The more I read about the book the more I want to see the book.

If I ever get to see it, or the one page of it I may get a glimpse of as I have to trudge begrudgingly through along with the rest of the massess….  I know what will happen.   The OCD will likely kick in and I will be tormented forever not getting to see and read it all.

Assuming I could read it.   I can not.  But that’s not the point.

I need to see the book.  The book.

But I probably better not.