Going Back

I love my days.  My nights.  My life.

They’re all full no matter what I’m doing.   And what I’m doing is going to vary from day to day.  Sometimes changing mid “do” in to something else.

There are some variables that might seem obvious choices for me.  But even within my activities there are modifiable particles.

Today I went on a bike ride.  It was in the 80’s.  I got a sunburn.   I was with Husband.   There were cherry blossoms in full bloom.   People in full bloom.  Bikers, walkers, picnickers and others surrounding the trees to get pictures.   I rode like the wind for many miles.  I rode in to the wind for many miles!   There is a huge difference.

Then a few miles from the end of the ride I see three bikers heading towards me.   As is my custom I started to say “hi” as I passed when I realized I know these people.  I  was in a dropped position over the handlebars and immediately popped up.   Looked back over my shoulder.   They were stopping as well.

I turned.   I pedaled back.   Back to them. I pedaled back to a time when I rode the bike trails with them.   I exchanged hugs with all three of them.   It did my heart good.   The time I rode back to was a good time.   A time I miss.

My days are so full.   Sadly they aren’t always full like they use to be.   The faces smiling back at me smiled back at me from years ago.   We talked easily.   I miss what we had.  But we had moved through the years the way many people have…drifting.   Different directions.   When we got back on our bikes we again rode in different directions.    Away from one another.

But it was a wonderful moment that they were part of that  fill my day today.