Dodging Worms

I don’t know if I’m suppose to believe in “omens”.   That always throws me.   But I notice them.  Let’s go with that.  This will be a twisty little blog.  But I’ll get to a point, or two.     It starts with yesterday.

Yesterday was warmish.

Fast forward to today.

Today it’s wet.  Raining.   Not quite back to cold.   But not as warm as yesterday.   As seems to be the custom, this combination along with other combinations, brings out the worms.  Every where.

And that fishy stink.  Even though there are no fish around.

For some reason the worms find it necessary to create a hodge podge pattern across the pavement, across the brick, with no clear path.

Yet I managed to high step and dodge step my way through them all without squishing a one.   I may have looked ridiculous.   But the worms live.   At least until the cars pull in and run them over.  But I took some comfort in not stepping on them.

I choose to believe it was the right thing to do, not stepping on them I mean.  Go out of my way a little to spare them.     It had nothing (okay some thing) to do with not wanting worm squish on my shoes all day.  It did have something to do with not being able to make myself look up, instead of down, pretending I didn’t know they were there.  I knew they were there.  That’s all I needed to know.

I did the right thing.

What does this have to do with omens?  Uhm……., oh!   I think it’s a good omen to have made it all that way without stepping on one.

I also think it was a good thing to do.  You know, doing the right thing can sometimes just be as simple as not stepping on something just because it’s in your way.