The Thing About Being Pregnant

There are certain things about being pregnant that I can vividly recall.

The first thing I remember is the intense desire for the baby to hurry up and get here.   And get here now. I always knew within weeks, if not days,  of becoming pregnant.   So I was aware of every passing minute and how long nine months really is.   For those of you who are not sure of how long nine months is go plant an acorn and wait for it to bloom in to a sprouting and shady oak  tree.   Sit there with it the entire time.   Put your hand on the ground and try to feel it pushing up against the earth, ready to grow.

Those nine months are long.   Trust me.

I can’t speak for other mom’s to be but I spent nine months wondering what the baby would look like.  Please don’ t have my nose.   What will her voice sound like?   I bet the baby will be chunky with cheeks perfect for kissing.   I hope she has dark hair like me!

Nine months was a very long time to imagine her (or him because I didn’t know).

I needed those nine months to go a little bit faster.

The baby couldn’t get here soon enough.

Until I went in to labor.  Suddenly I realized how fast nine months flies by.   It was gone.   Gone.   Gone.

Then I went in to delivery and mentally freaked out.

The second most vivid memory of pregnancy was realizing I was not ready to have a baby.

STOP! There is absolutely NO way I am ready to be a parent!  For crying out loud who ever thought this was a good idea?   How am I going to be responsible for a baby all on my own!!!?!!!?   This makes me The Mom.   Just give me one more day!   I’ll be ready then.

I am not ready now!

Suddenly the waiting was gone and the baby was now.   Right now.

I’m not tired of waiting.   Really I am not.   I am so okay with waiting.

No matter my silent pleading in my head to stop this craziness there is no stopping the baby birthing momentum.

The third most vivid recall.

The one that matters.


Is here.

And mine.

Thank you God.