In The Hallway Saying Goodbye

The music we went to listen to was beautiful.   My nephew who was playing the music with his friends, he is beautiful as well.   That was enough to make the evening worthy of living life to the fullest.

But the night had a little surprise.

When husband and I left for the evening there was hugging and good-bye~ing all around.   Somehow I missed my brother in the group gathered to express excitement about the show.   We walked the corridor and I said I didn’t tell him good bye.   Husband was a few steps behind me and says “there he is”.   He was coming from another hallway.   I went back and hugged him goodbye.   I could feel his pride and joy at the talent and beauty in his not so little boy.   Okay, he’s a man.  But at moments like that, he’s the dad, and that young man is his boy.

As we parted he said again “thanks for coming, I know it meant a lot to him”.  I told him I was glad I didn’t miss it.   I was going in the direction of the exit, he was stepping in the direction of the group we had just left.   He stopped and patted his chest, where the proverbial and actual heart lie and said “it meant a lot to me too”.    There was maybe 15 feet between us since we were speaking as we were walking away.   But that moment made me feel closer to him than I have in years.   I can hear his voice, the emotion, and see his hand upon his heart.

The night was about his boy.  His beautiful ability.  The people who gathered to hear him play.

But there was a little moment that was mine.  That  moment.   The moment I see clearly ….with  my brother, his hand, his voice, his heart.   It was a beautiful, beautiful night.