Comhghairdeas !

You danced with the best.

Because you are the best.

How many people are on this earth?  Here is what I found:

“Latest official current world population estimate, for mid-year 2010, is estimated at 6,852,472,823.”   (courtesy of:

Why is this important?  Because of those nearly 7 billion…I think that needs repeated:  7 billion…..

Pause….   for dramatic effect…

I bet less than 1 %, I mean way less than 1%, can ever claim to be competing with the entire world-for anything.   Let alone to be competing with the world to be the best at anything.   The best at something.   The best at something beautiful, and strong, and mesmerizing.

The best at something most of us can not do.

You are one.

Of the best.

Dedication.  Discipline.   Perseverance.  Skill.   Respect.  Sweat.   Sacrifice.   You know these things.   You live these things.   You are these things.   It takes most people a life time to figure them out.   You have practiced and honed them when most of us were still wondering what to do with our selves.

You inspire me to work harder at anything I want.   You inspire me to not give up on any thing I desire.   You inspire me to be strong.   You inspire me to be determined.   You inspire me to be like you.

Thank you for all of your work.   Your work gives the world enjoyment.   And today you showed the world you deserved to be there.   Dancing.  Strong.  Stunning.

Remember, they had to earn to dance with you as well.   Because you are the best.

Congratulations on who you are.   What you do.   Where you are going.    The world is waiting for you.