The Little Me That Could

I ran for a wee bit over 3 miles today.

I kept repeating “I just want to walk”.

Husband kept saying “then walk”.

I kept replying “I don’t want to walk”.

I fully make sense to myself when I do this.   I want to run.  Therefor I start out running.   While running my very stout body tries to convince my just as stout determination that no, it in fact, does not want to run.    Said stout determination says yes, indeed, you do want to run, so run you shall.  “You” being “me”.

Though my breathing labors, my legs wiggle in sheer fear of the activity going on, and my heart does a triple thump for the first two miles…. determination carries me on.   And on.  To pay off determination, body gives in, and starts to enjoy the run.  There is a slight whisper still far within saying just walk.

But there is a loud yell saying do this do this do this do not stop do not stop do not stop.

I do not stop.   Until the run is over.

Determination, I thank you.