I Got Fired For Cooking Bacon!

April was at work.  Janet and I were cooking bacon on a big grill or griddle in our cubicle.  Someone told the director they smelled our bacon cooking.

Director came over and told me I had to go.   I was fired.  Janet wasn’t fired.   Just me.

April said everyone gathered around in a big circle.  Sobbing.  Her six aunts were in town and joined the sobbing circumference.  Everyone was very upset I had gotten fired.

I don’t know what happened to the bacon.

And I want to know why Janet wasn’t fired as well.

But I am very, very touched that everyone was sobbing because I had gotten fired.

Did I mention this was a dream?

Oh, well, it was.   I love it when people dream about me.

April was one of my favorites today because she cried when I was fired for cooking bacon.