Bunny Paw Prints

I have to admit I have been very lax about religion with my children.  Not faith, but religion.   So for one year as Easter approached I was concerned about what they saw, believed, or thought of Easter.   Did they understand, fully, what we were celebrating with the ham dinners and the chocolate eggs and way too many jelly beans?  I wanted to make sure they knew the story of Jesus and the impact of Him, on our lives.

I cut out rabbit paw prints.   I taped them to the wall and floor, and led them with bunny prints, to the story of Jesus.

Another year I knew they couldn’t get to their baskets without first bursting forth from the hallway.  So at the end of the hallway I taped a sign, telling about Jesus, in the middle of a  spider web made with tape.

You would think I would have done more regarding religion.   I failed there.  But I am pretty certain they understand faith.  And God.  And Jesus.  They know there was a Man, better than us, who did more for us.  More for us, than we could ever do for ourselves or anyone else.

I don’t teach religion well.   I don’t understand it well enough for me, let alone to teach it to others.  But I have faith.  And faith is the gift.  I know there is goodness among us.   And I am amazed at the sacrifice made on our behalf.  If my children know this, they know God.