Waking Up

Good Morning World!

Welcome to my day.

I have every intention of filling my space.  Here in this world.  I don’t know, yet, what I will do.  I do not know, yet, what impact I will make.  Or what will make an impact on me.

I just know that I am glad to be here.  I’ve got a lot to do.  I want to follow my dad’s advise.  When he would take us someplace he would tell us to leave it better than when  we got there.

I am sure I have left some trash behind me on occasion.  I wish I could go back and pick it up.  I would, if I could.  But since I can’t I try real hard, now,  to not leave my garbage lying around for others to deal with.   And if I can help, I’ll pick up other’s trash along the way.   Because we all have it, trash that is.  And sometimes with help, we don’t have to leave any.

But today my focus isn’t about looking for trash.   Or looking for anything else.  It’s about being.   Being there for the things that matter.  Being me.  Being there for my family.   My coworkers.  My friends.   Being there for Him.

I need to work, and play, to make it better here than when I first got here.  There is so much to do!

I have this moment.  Right now.  My day is spread out ahead of me.  I can only get to it by being in this moment first.   So that’s where I’ll start.   And I wanted to start with positivity.  When I look back on this moment, it will be completed.   And full.  Nothing wasted of this moment.   Nothing left to worry over.

What a great way to start my day.

Let’s carry on world!   The rest of the day is waiting!