Flexible Muscle

As I am apt to do I injured myself a week ago.  It was a bizarre little accident.  I was doing something called a sit up.   One sit up.   Well, to be technical and correct I did not even do one sit up.  Because in the midst of going up for the sit up something exploded in my gut.  Exploded may be, but isn’t, an exaggeration.

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor to make sure the explosion was not damage inducing.   Good news, it was not.  But, I got even better news.  During the exam the nurse practitioner says “oh, that is solid”.   Then she feels the other side of my abdomen and says “oh, my that is solid too, so that’s good”.   I ask her “why is that good?   What is it?”

How happy was I when she said “your muscle, you have a lot of muscle in there”.

Oh did this just make my day or what?  Yes, yes it did.

So I’m sharing this fabulous news with my friend who came over to be schooled in FaceBook.   When I realized something else….that the nurse practitioner and doctor so kindly avoided pointing out:   I have layers of flub over the rock hard solid muscle.

But then something else occurred to me ….. it is not flub.  I have developed something else.   Something that I have not seen in a very long time.

It is flexible muscle!

This is a term phrased by my father many decades ago.  To describe the muscle he created with so much discipline and hard work.  In a similar location to mine.  Right around the middle.

I am my father’s daughter.

Flexible muscle.   I can’t believe I’ve had it all along and didn’t realize it.   Though I have to admit, having the solid muscle under the flexible muscle made me a little happier than realizing I have so much flexible muscle.

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6 thoughts on “Flexible Muscle

  1. David Brown says:

    So she goes to doctor and gets good news, but comes home with an order for bloodwork for me.


  2. I lime to imagine I have a LOT of flexible muscle,


  3. bendedspoon says:

    No solid muscle in my body. All flexible! 🙂


  4. Chatter Master says:

    My dad thought flexible muscle was the best! 🙂


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