At The Mercy Of Pain

I freely admit I do not know a lot.   I’m not even  sure if the things  I do know are valid.   So thank God for the internet and all of the information to be had out there.  It is so easy to think… how do I do *this*?  and head to the computer to find out.   It’s great.  And yes, since it is on there, it must be true.

I have a horrendous sore throat.   This angers me on many levels.  One, it is a gorgeous day out.   Gorgeous meaning anything that does not involve rain and cold.   Today it is 90 plus, sunny, and I do not want to be sitting around miserable.  Two, I made myself go do things and it doesn’t feel any better.   But I did manage to get out.   I worked a wee bit in the yard.   We went on a wee bit of a bike ride to get lunch.  That was very nice.  I have discovered I can ride my bike to one of the 2 local Tim Horton’s as fast, if not faster, than we could drive there.  Three, who wants a sore throat and I don’t think I really need to explain all the  drudgeries of a sore throat.

At 1 a.m. I was googling and internetting my way to a medical degree on sore throat remedies.   I already know all about gargling with warm salt water.  I do that usually.  But this hurts.  I need something with power.   Many remedies include gargling with hydrogene peroxide.    Hmmmm, sounds doable.   Unless you believe these other people who say if you gargle with it you are making it likely you will get some kind of gas embolism.   I looked that up and do not think I want it.

I also read about cayenne pepper, lemon, salt, white pepper and tea concoctions.

All I did at 1 a.m. is the warm salt water gargle and ibuprofen.

But through out the day I became more adventurous.   Desperate, if you will.  I tried the hydrogen peroxide gargle.   After all I read the suggestions about using hydrogen peroxide before I read the warnings about doing so.   So, first read, most valid.    I did not ingest any of it though.  Saving myself from the gas embolism.  I am not a total fool.

But not ridding myself of the sore throat.

The only other ingredient I had was cayenne pepper.

Yes, I made a concoction and gargled it.  It is thirty minutes later.   The burn in my mouth and around my lips is subsiding.

The sore throat is not.

The only thing I can think of to say, oddly enough, is bloody hell.   I don’t know why.   But the term, in regards to my sore throat, keeps resounding in my head.

Like I said I don’t know a lot about anything.  I’m fairly trusting and a bit gullible.  I hope all of these remedies and cures are not being posted for people like myself who freely admit their ignorance and go looking for smarter people to guide them just to have someone on the other side of their computer saying I wonder how many idiots will try this one!  I’m pretty sure, fairly certain, or just hoping, that this is not the case.

 Yes, my doctor is smarter, but its a holiday and I am at the mercy of my pain.

If anyone has a surefire cure.  Let me know.  I’m still looking.   And I’m still gullible.