Robert and Liam

What will today bring?

There’s an unknown today because I haven’t lived it through yet.

There are some expected moments.

I’ll go to a church today and pray as a friend and her family say good bye to their father.   I know to expect emotions.   There will be a church full of love and sadness.  I’ll bow my head in prayer, and share tears for their pain.

I will return home to a house full of people anxiously awaiting the birth of a first.  A first baby.  A first son.  Me, my children, our friends, we will celebrate the beginning of something wonderful.

Of course it’s not lost on me, from funeral to birth.   We usually see this in the other order, birth to funeral.   But today I have a feeling I will leave the funeral and come back to anticipate the baby with everyone else.  And in doing so I will be much more aware, acutely so, of the life to be.   And how quickly we run, full speed ahead, through this life.    I know not everyone believes as I do, but I do find comfort in knowing that the end of this life here, means there is a birth to a greater life.    That’s not lost on me either, today.

The day will unfold other moments.   Moments I can’t predict, and don’t really want to.   It’s the glory of waking up each day.   The not knowing.   The anticipating.   Or on some days, the total oblivion of it all.

It’s going to be  a day all right.   Full.   Of the usual parts of my day.   You know, living.

God bless us all.  From beginning to end.