It’s A Porch Thing

When I was growing up we lived in a large house on a quiet street in a suburb type area.   We were close to city life, of which I knew nothing of.   We were close to university life, of which I knew nothing of.   All I knew was our house and our neighborhood.

And our porch.

Then I grew up, got married and moved  far away from any city.  In  to the country.   I love the country and that kind of life and living.    In the country we had decks.   And the decks were used for many of the same things as porches:   “settin’.  As part of my transfer to country living I also learned new dialects and manners of speak.

As part of my life story  though I have left the country life and returned to “town living”.

Back to a house with a porch.

In the country you ‘set’ on the porch with your feet up to get out of the house and keep the kids outside.

In “town” you sit on the porch to also get out of the house.

But in the country you don’t worry about or expect traffic.   You are out there to be comfortable in the outdoors and relax.  Period.

In town….you ‘set’ on your porch to watch what everyone else is doing.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.  It’s actually kind of nice thing.   It’s nice to see faces and get to know names and personalities of people who live right next to you.   It’s nice to have a “hey” thrown at you, or people waving as they come and go.

There’s something so casual and comfortable about sitting on the porch with friends.   Or the kids when they drop in with great babies.   People riding their bikes, pushing strollers, out for an evening run.   It’s the kind of thing I want to see from my porch.

As I set watching the world around me.

(Set and Setting are country terms used in place of, and with the same meaning as “Sit” and “Sitting”.    Some things don’t change just because you move.)