Dear Scotch and 3M-

You owe me.

Sadly, you can not make it up to me.

At all.

I purchased your “Scotch Blue with Edge-Lock ™ Paint Line Protector” tape.  Wow!   You put it on and it keeps paint off those edges that you want painted nice and sharp.  It even says so!  Right on the package, and I quote:  “SUPER SHARP PAINT LINES”.

Sadly, you lie.

Not only did paint “get in”, there was no lock out of said paint.   It also stripped off the paint on the wall that I put it upon to protect the new paint from “leaking” on to.

I will, in all honesty, say that most of the writing on the rest of the package is so small I can’t read it.   So if you say somewhere in the liliputin writing that it will skin the paint right off of the wall you are creating these “SUPER SHARP PAINT LINES” upon…..I’ll let you off of that one.

But I think it fair to say if we are putting your blue tape on the walls to create these “SUPER SHARP PAINT LINES” we can safely expect (notice I did not use the word assume) that the tape will not skin the walls down to the plaster.

So why do you owe me?

I don’t mind doing the work.   It’s just, well, I spent a couple of hours taping everything last night.  Saturday night.   And even painted a little last night.   Then I painted all morning.   Eventually I got to take off the tape.

And then I spent another four hours painting what the tape tore off.   With an artitist brush.


You can’t give me back these hours.   On my day off.   I can’t redo these hours over again.

Could you, instead, put in large neon glaring letters a warning that your tape will cause all users hours of extra work.   And that all of the work they put in to using your product, will create more work in the long run.

If you could do that, it might save some other poor soul who is planning on using their valuable time off to paint….a few wasted hours.

If you are so inclined and would like to try and make it up to me.   Maybe you could pay my place of employment for a day to pay me for a day off.   I would like to go on a bike ride, or go kayaking.   But if you don’t want to do that, just don’t let someone else lose something very precious and irreplaceable:  time.


I’d really appreciate it.