And The Day Goes On

Personally I have no idea when God is going to change things around down here.   I would not for one second presume to know what His plan is.   So I went about my day doing everything I planned on doing today because it’s a Saturday, He saw fit to have me wake up and have things to do.   So I did them.

So when the day dawned what did I do?   I ran.   Three whole miles.   And I took three whole minutes off of the run.  Hey, there’s a trinity thing going on there isn’t there?

Then the husband and I decided to work on the yard.  The little bitty house we moved in to sure is small.   But for some reason the house and yard have more work waiting on us than the larger house we are selling.   I decided I would “edge” the yard today.   I have no idea how to edge.   But by golly and heavens I did it.   I managed to fill up one and half five gallon buckets of dirt from the edging.   I don’t know that I was suppose to do that.   But that’s what happened.

Grass was cut.   Because the rains have been a plenty and the sun not so much.   But today’s sun was hot and drying the plentifully fed grass.

The neighbor painted a base layer of grey on a strip of the house so we could paint a layer of red over it.  To see if we like it.   White houses show way too much dirt.  And not enough character.

I am pretty sure we will go with the grey underneath.  I like the top board better than the lower board.   And if you are bored with this blog-sorry.   But there will probably be a point to it, at the end likely.

We spent a $50 gift certificate at a garden store today.  I won it at a home and garden show.   Ferns.   That’s what we bought.  Because our neighbor’s ferns look neat.   And they know what they are doing.   I don’t.  By the way, Lowes and other places have them for something like $13 and less.   We paid $20 for ferns.   But we had a gift certificate so we didn’t really.

Then we went to celebrate AY MAYTEENTH.   Though the official holiday was AY MAYTEENTH the party was today.

You would think on the predicted last day of earthdom we wouldn’t have so much to do.   But we weren’t done yet.

We came home and the neighbor brought his power washer over for me to start cleaning one of the back patios.   We’re actually going to pretty much get rid of our entire back yard by putting in a deck.  But for now, we need a place to put another bike on a trainer and some chairs.   So we decided to power wash one of the little patios.   By the way, power washing is extremely fun.

I am a little embarrassed to put up this picture because you can’t see the tan on my legs.  And because it is not very flattering of my biceps of which I do have some nice biceps.  And I pretty much look rednecky as can be.   Uh, no, I did not predict I would create that much mud.

So now I’m sitting on my porch.  Looking at my freshly cut, freshly edged yard.   Ferns are hanging.   I am clean now.   Quite a few parents are riding by with their children on their bikes.

I did the best I could with the day I had today.   I’m pleasantly sore from a good day’s work.   I made time for family.   I fraternized with the neighbors.  I gave thanks for the goodness in my day.   I don’t know His plan.   But I appreciate this day He gave me.