All Powerful Stamina VS IDIOTOCRACY

I am sure I have broken more bricks today, in one day mind you, than ever broken by a human being that has ever existed on this earth.

I am that powerful.  Be jealous.


I know, you probably wish you had this kind of power.

I did it, by beating my head against the brick wall of government, red tape and idiotocracy.

It’s not pretty.   It’s not even productive.   All it does is convince me that law makers, creators, and politicians are not as smart as us average ol’ citizens.   Those of us who still see and practice common sense.

Sadly I must continue to use my powers.   I must be strong.   I will gladly surrender my incredible and all powerful stamina super powers when common sense prevails.   When law makers and politicians become real people again.

Until then I can not weaken.  I can not!

Could somebody get me a shovel and push broom?   Because I have a lot of their mess to clean up.