Ride With Me Lance

No, I don’t know Lance Armstrong.  I know things about him.   More appropriately I know things about him that have been reported in the news.  I have no way of knowing what is true or not.

That’s beside the point of this blog.   Sure, I could have erased it.  But I just rode 57 miles and I am too tired and/or lazy to go back and delete.   But it all ties in together in one way or another.

During this ride today I started contemplating my desire to have a 200 mile bike day.   Sure I still want it.  Today, however, was not a great day to promote that dream.   The wind was not my friend.   On short spurts it may have been.  But for most of today’s ride it seemed to be pushing me up downhill rides.  Or I was pushing against it trying not to let it topple me over sideways.   It was hot, sunny as I could ever hope for and overall a perfect day to look at.  Stunning actually.

It doesn’t get much bluer and prettier.   Yes that is a buzzard circling above us.

During the last fifteen miles of the ride, it might have been the last mile but it seemed like it took forever, I really started thinking about my 200 mile ride.   I thought who else could really stick with me and motivate me?  Lance, right?  I use to tell kids I worked with “walk and talk with me” when we had to figure out a problem.    Or if we just needed to get outside.  I could tell Lance, ride and talk with me.   It doesn’t have the same ring.

But if I’m going to ride 200 miles he would get to know me very well, and I am sure he would open up to me and tell me all about his riding, his life, his mom.   Two hundred miles is a very long ride.   Grant it, longer for me than him, but he’s going to have to slow down to hang with me.   It would be worth it.  We all know I would love to go on a bike ride with him.  He just doesn’t know, yet, how much he wants to go on a bike ride with me.

I’m sure the crap surfacing about him drugging during his riding career would be discussed.  I’d like to say a thing or two about that.  First, I don’t know if he did.  And right now I have nothing to base my opinion about this on  other than what he says.  So no, I do not believe he did.  There are no test results saying he did.  So I’d put him at ease about that right away.  I know he would be worried about that.  Second, and people won’t agree with me, but I really don’t care.  No, I don’t want people to use drugs to enhance their abilities when there are those who do not.  I wish the world played fair about everything.   I wish all of us were free of cheating. I bet it’s a pretty rare person who is not guilty of cheating something or someone in life.

As we pedaled along I would want to hear about his life as a child, with his mom.  Yes, I read the books, but I’d still want to hear the stories from him.  Mostly because I like hearing about people’s lives.   We all have family stories.  We’d have some good laughs talking about our families.

Meanwhile, miles would be disappearing.   And I wouldn’t even notice.  Because we would be talking.  I’d be learning about someone.  Getting to know someone.

We’d talk about our kids.  How could we not.

And you know I couldn’t talk to Lance Armstrong without talking to him about his biking.  And his cancer.  Others may think they are 2 separate things but to me they are part of the whole.  Something drove him and motivated him to live, to get better, to ride out in front of the entire world.   He took the lead.    He, and so many like him, heard the diagnosis and did not let it be the proclamation of the end.  It became a motivator.

I am sure that many, many miles will roll beneath us as we have this discussion.

I would want him to tell me about his plan.   Because you know he would.  Why wouldn’t he?  I’d be listening.   Because I want to know.  This little yellow band around my arm?  How many millions have been purchased, and worn.   In the hopes that a cure, for one cancer, and then another, might be found.  I’m very hopeful.   And I’d want to tell him that.

I’m glad it’s going to be a 200 mile bike ride because he’s going to want to hear about me too.   I mean, come on, there is so  much to tell.

But what we will surely talk a lot about are the things we want to do, our not quite yet fulfilled dreams.   How could we avoid that.  Seeing as how we’re going to be fulfilling one of mine during this ride.  You can bet Lance has some things he still thinks about doing.  Starting.  Finishing.   Me too.

We’ll probably spend many a mile talking about all the different people we’ve met in our lives.  Don’t for a minute think the ones he has met are any more exciting than all of you  that I know.  His acquaintances might be “famous” but they are not different or better than you all.   He’ll get to know many of you through our talk.  On our ride.

Thinking about this…helped me finish that last mile today.   It was only mile 57.  Not even close to the 200 I want.  But I didn’t want 200 today.  I just wanted to not have a heat stroke on mile 57.  And that horrible last mile did not for one minute deter me from wanting to try and do 200 in one day.  Not after I decided Lance would ride with me, at least for part of it.