I Am A Warrior

I did dash.

And I can say along with the other thousands of people dashing today:


I started clean.   See….

As did all of us.   See….

I have to be very forthcoming about how things went during this dash.   I have no shame.   But I had a few thoughts.   Like….please don’t let me fall.   Please don’t let me be last.  Please let me finish.   Please don’t let me have a heart attack.

All of these thoughts occurred at mile marker .015.

You start out going UP the longest hill.  At one point I swear the hill went for 1.5 miles.   It probably did.    Please don’t let me pass out and roll backwards.   I thought this as my vision narrowed and I thought I was going to black out.

Yes, seriously.   I have no shame about this.

I warriored on.

Please don’t let me be the only person out of 15,000 who does not finish.

Husband, warrior gentleman that he is, stayed with me.  I kept saying “oh my God husband”.   If I dared to take my eyes off of the incline in front of me and glimpse at the future I saw people leaping and frolicking their way up the continued hill.

I plodded on.

I had to throw myself over a four or five foot tall wall.  Of course I did.  And of course I did it.   And I did it well.  There are no pictures to prove it was anything but graceful and powerful.

I was encouraged.

Not all was misery.   When we got to the pond you had to jump in and walk slash no way to swim across it and it  was awesome!   It gave me hope.   I got over the logs well enough.   And the water cooled me down enough to prevent heat stroke.  I felt a little more empowered.

Then to the junk cars you have to go over.   Managed that fine.  For the most part.

I don’t even know if I can remember the order of events.   But I have to admit I was pleased with the crawl through the blacked out tunnels that had no air, no light and you’re so close to people’s butts I stated to anyone in front of me “none of you better fart”.   I don’t think they did.  The 90 degree air that hit you when you got out of that tunnel was like a blast of air conditioning.   Sweet.

The cargo rope climb.  I. Climbed. It.   And I climbed it well.   I did not fall.

The planks on the other hand put the fear of God in to me.  I kid you not I thought I was going to wobble right off of there.  I wish they had one of their photographers there to get a picture of my very satisfied self when I finished the planks.

Running the creek was fine.   Other than the not knowing what was in the “untested waters”.   But no one seemed to care.

Then you come in to a field and there is a wall.  A tall wall.   Twenty five feet tall maybe?   I don’t know.  But it was tall.   Husband says “you can go around it”.   I said “I don’t think so”.   I did fear my arm strength wouldn’t hold up.  But as you can probably guess, it did.   Up, over, down.

Then we got to jump through fire.  I didn’t think it was that big a deal.  Everyone was doing it.  Holy crap!    Fire, no matter how doable it is to jump over, is hot.  That’s all I’ve got to say.

Then the moment of truth.   The mud pit.  We were warned to belly flop in to it.  If we stepped in to it we risk being suctioned in.  So what does husband do?  He dives in.   Dives.  I did step to the edge and went in knees first.

I wasn’t sure how to move in this.  It finally dawned on me to crawl.  So I did.  I heard husband say something but I didn’t know what he said.  Then I heard him say something about he couldn’t see.   I finally got to look back at him.   The idiot went in head first and could not open his eyes.   I talked him through it.   Told him where to go.   Then I moved my left knee forward as my right leg extended behind me and my arms went forward.   And I was stuck.  Sucked in to the mud pit.   I would have found it funny if the mud wasn’t right up to my face.   For about 2 seconds I could not move.  I lunged my upper body forward and broke the suction.   Continuing to crawl.

Husband was helpless.  Though crawling.  I kept telling him to keep his eyes shut.  I told him when to stand up and I tried to tell him to put his arms up for the pictures.   Then the volunteer lady put a medal on me.  The man volunteer helped pour water in husband’s eyes to get them opened.   Another friend thought he was having a heart attack and was heading back to the mud pit to jump in and save him.   But all was good!

And we all finished.

I have to admit I was apprehensive about doing this.  Physically I was a little intimidated by other’s ability to run much, much better than I.  Mentally I am still dragging from being sick yet again and trying to recoup my strength and positive attitude.

When we got there and were surrounded by eager faces,  body shapes of every imaginable kind.   Physical ability of every possible level.    When I saw that fun was to be had and nothing had to be proven.  And it was something to test your self or have fun with others.  It was all things good.  The more I ran and the more others ran, the more I achieved.   No one pushed.  No one cussed.  No one had a bad attitude about all the varying degrees of ability.   Everyone just wanted to do it.

I achieved Warrior Mind Set.

I dashed.

I finished.

I am Warrior.