I Don’t Mind You Laughing At Me

I have had enough things go wrong with my body that I do not take one second of health and injury free life for granted.

If I have a twinge I know to pay attention to it.  It is sometimes just a twinge.  But I still know to pay attention, make sure.

Today was a bizarre feeling day.  I felt “okay”.   But I felt “off”.

At one point coming up the stairs I got very light headed.  Very light in the limbs feeling.

I got to my desk.  Maybe my sugar was low.  Always a good excuse to eat, right?  So I ate a protein bar.  Better safe than sorry.

The dizzy and light headed feeling did not go away.

I was sitting there alone wondering what it could be.

OH MY GOD!  What if I’m having a stroke?

Not for one minute do I find this funny.   At all.  And why of all things did I think I was having a stroke?  I have no idea.

I could not remember all of the things you are suppose to ask someone to do if they are having a stroke.  But I remember two of the things.  Ask the person to smile.  Ask them to raise their hands.

So I sat at my desk and smiled.  And quickly threw my hands straight up above my head.


That made me feel better.

And look like an idiot.

All twinges should be paid attention to and ruled out.  I ruled that one out.