The Face Of …

Last week we did the “Warrior Dash”.  Yeah still pretty happy about that.

But, while we were away, some friends borrowed our neighborhood friendly porch to have a yard sale.   The town was having a “town yard sale” so it was expected to be a good yard sale-ing day.

Our friends are mother and daughter.   They spent the entire day at our house.  They were the only ones there.  They spent a good bit of time on our porch.   After the Warrior Dash but before we got home I received a text from daughter saying something happened in regards to our ghost.  But she wants to tell me not text me.

When I get home she tells me they were sitting on the porch and her mom kept looking over her shoulder, at the window in to the house.  Finally she asks her mom whats going on.  Mom did not want to tell her.   Finally mom  said she keeps seeing a face looking out the window.

Of course daughter knows all about our ghost.   Mom did not.  And did not want to believe it.  But she’s the one who saw it!  We’ve had numerous visits from our unknown visitor.   I am very  curious about our ghost but not scared.

And right now I am jealous that someone else got to see our ghost.   Though now she denies it.

Who was looking out that window?   And were they wondering where we were?  I’d like to think our ghost had our back and was making sure these visitors were not intruders.

That is exactly what I think.



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