Yes. I Am Scared Of You.

Normally I don’t like to ride my bicycle on the streets any more.  I’ve had too many near misses.   Though maybe I could spin that to say I’ve had just enough near misses, the perfect number, considering I have not been hit by a car on my bike.   But people scare me.  Their impatience scares me.   Their lack of attention scares me.  Their irritability scares me.   Their sense of righteousness scares me.

All of these things have built up over the years to where I seldom ride my bike on the roads, through the streets of a town.   Which is sad.  Because it really cuts out a large part of the joy of riding a bike.   Even if you are riding your bike where you would normally drive your car, it looks much different from a bicycle.    You discover more.  You see more.   Appreciate more.   You like where you are more.

It use to be so much fun to get on the bikes and just go.  Go down roads and streets you have never been on.   Discovering little things you didn’t know existed in your little world.   Things so close, but things you never looked for or paid attention to.  But incidents over the years have made me less comfortable on the road and I purposefully have limited my road riding due to the  fears.

However, Husband and I did just this very thing today.   We rode our bikes.  On the roads.    It was just like  I remembered.   The sun was bright the sky was blue the grass was green.   It was a perfect day for a perfect ride.

Even better was the fact that the car drivers were incredibly respectful.   Except one.   One out of the entire bunch.  One idiot in a purple car who felt the express right and power to buzz me as I rode legally on the road.

It didn’t take away the thrill of the ride.  And the immense gratitude I had for all of the other drivers.   It didn’t take away the joy and satisfaction of the ride.

It did, however, remind me that yes, I am scared of you.   I am scared of the .0000001 % of drivers who are thoughtless and cruel.  Who drive machinery that is always more powerful, deadly and faster than me.

Stupid Thoughtless Drivers, just so you know:  I always respect what you and your car can do.  I respect your power.  I respect your rights on the road.  I respect the fact that your purposeful act or negligent ways can kill me.

To all of the rest of you drivers:  thank you for respecting my life.   You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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