To Kindle Or Not

I love my books.   A friend who had never been to my house once asked about my decor and I said “it is done in books”.  Not an exaggeration.  When we remodeled we remodeled with wall to wall book shelves in every room we worked in.   When we downsized to this house the first concern I had was where to put the books I downsized from.  I had to dispose of hundreds, and I mean hundreds of books.   So one of the first projects was the wall to wall shelves installed in the front room, living room.

I love a book.  I have discussed this before and won’t bore you with the repeat of all reasons on why to love a book.  I just do.

Today I had an unexpected pleasant encounter with a young woman who will one day be a great doctor.   But before we had that discussion we talked about reading.  And she discovered she had a “Kindle” on her phone.   And where she had not had the luxury of indulging in her reading pleasures, with the Kindle she found her self reading two books this past month.   She was very pleased.   With hesitation and feeling a bit like a traitor I asked her about the Kindle.   She gushed.

I listened with something akin to fear.   Yes, I used the word “akin” so that takes me one step closer to being a bonafide author.

I don’t want to like a Kindle.  I don’t want to be able to hold 50,000 books in my hand.   I don’t want to look up at my shelves and not be able to scan titles and take comfort from entire worlds sitting there and being part of my decor.

But I want the luxury of having a book to read always.   Right there.  Right here.  Where ever I am, right then.   I want  have hundreds and hundreds of other people’s words, thoughts, lives, and imaginations right there.   For the reading.

The fear was nearly debilitating.  I did, very much, like what she had to say.

I’m ashamed I tell you!  So ashamed.

To me a book is valuable.  Think of the changes in the world due to the written word.  The ability to communicate through generations.   The ability to document and record.  The ability to save the stories of our ancestors.

And now I have considered getting a Kindle.   I have stepped over a line.   And it haunts me……


There is one other option.    It is possible.   And it is something to consider.   I could purchase the Kindle.   Then, when I read a book I really love and admire and must have forever I then purchase the book.  A book saved on the Kindle is not owning the book.  So a book I must have, could still be purchased.

This might work.

Please do not think poorly of me.