4 thoughts on “A Law To Live By

  1. I’m curious, Colleen, what does this quote mean to you? Perhaps I’m dense but I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around it.

    Is he talking about making sure to die in some wild adventure that leaves your body mutilated beyond recognition, or is there some other sort of spiritual manifestation of a life lived to it’s fullest that would impact an undertaker?

    Would like to know how this speaks to you so I can learn the same lesson you have.


    • Thanks for the question Fiction and Foibles. My interpretation of this quote was based on the context I read it. from It was in a book about running. The quote followed the story of when Emil Zatopek won the 1952 Olympic Marathon. Here’s a vidoe link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJMNWpZWdjI

      His team mates tried to run to him but another opposing team beat them to it and hoisted him to their shoulders and celebrated with him. Though he beat everyone else, the runners from other teams knew he had done something wonderful and amazing and did not begrudge him. At least so the story goes as I read it.

      I read the quote and thought, what a great way to live. So that those who would normally “benefit ” from your death are saddened by your departure. I guess I read the quote as the “undertaker” being symbolic of people who may be pleased or not very sad at your death. I want to live so that no one would be happy about me dying.

      Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate your time, and your question!!!


      • Thanks for explaining your take. I hadn’t even considered the undertakers emotions derived despite his monetary interests. Makes perfect sense and I am enlightened.

        Thanks for your explanation, and the additional context. I’m glad I found your article!


        • Thank you Fiction & Foibles. Your response also drew me to your blog. Good luck! Please drop by anytime. I’m looking forward to more of your blog. And leave me questions !!! 🙂


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