Bridge From Canada To Ohio

I have delusions of grandeur.   I have spoken of this before.   And I absolutely love and adore people who play in to this.   Knowingly or not.

Today I received a wonderful gift from someone who herself is a gift to me.   When I started blogging I hoped to impress and connect with a few young people who inspired me.    Then I fell in love with blogging.    And realized anyone could read my blogs.   Yes, sadly, I was that unaware of the reach of the blog.   Yes, I understood the whole concept of “www” but I didn’t realize anyone would actually read my blog who didn’t know me.

Then every once in a while someone would respond to something I wrote.    Someone I didn’t know.   And I acquired a brand new addiction.    Like my OCD needed anything additional to obsess about.   But I’m glad it has.

Well I don’t just get comments now.   I get friends.   People who comment.  Respond.   And want to see me succeed.   They reach across state lines.   And country borders.  It is just wonderful.

THEN!  They give you awards.

That’s right.   Awards.   Someone out there likes something about me and my blog to take the time to send me an award.    And to encourage others to read and share my blog.   It’s the equivalent of me reading a great book and encouraging someone else to read it, or better yet, me giving that book to someone else to read.  Yeah, it’s that good.

So what happens today?  I get THREE awards from someone.   Someone I never would have gotten a chance to read, or have read me, if not for the internet.

Bridgesburning gave me:



I don’t know how to explain this to people who do not have a burning desire to write.   I’m sure athletes, and entertainers and the like have their own kind of reward system.    Oh, yeah, they do.   Just compare it those.   But only compare it to the award systems where the actual participants vote on one another.   Acknowledgement from someone who does what you love, and loves what they do, is the fire in this.

So, I am suppose to post 7 things about me.   That may be difficult.   I don’t like to talk about myself.   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA…..  oh wait, HAHAHAHAHAHA .    Okay, if you don’t know me, that was a pretty sweet and funny statement.   And a lie.

So lets start there.   Seven things about me.

1.   I can lie very well.   Not proud of it.    I find it sad.   But it comes in handy to accomplish good deeds.   And I only use my powers for good.

2.  I am about 7 foot tall right now.   Thanks to Bridgesburning.   No, that is not a lie because I truly believe my height is indicative of my mood.    Right now I’m feeling very happy.    And blessed.   Now I feel 9 foot tall.

3.  the “Stylish Blogger” award does not in any way shape or form imply I have any style.   I do not.  I can not dress a turkey let alone myself.    I hope this means Bridgesburning likes my writing style.    🙂

4.   I find “funny” to be difficult.   Unless it is real life stuff and I am just the one putting it down.   I don’t create funny too well.   But if I have my wits about me I certainly appreciate it when it happens.

5.  I have been  blogging for almost 2 years and have absolutely no idea how to do it.   I just like to write.

6.  I have no shame in admitting I love it when people comment on my blog.   Asking questions or pointing something out.

7.   I like to think of myself as strong and all powerful.    But I don’t like meanness.  And I like to try and stay positive.    So I am constantly telling my Husband I am sorry.   Because when I mess up, he’s the poor soul who has to witness it.

Now I am suppose to pass this on to 15 other bloggers.

I will do that in another post.   But first if anyone is reading this and has any clue on how to create an award I have a request.

Someone on here has been sharing information about blogs and bloggers with her world.   She encourages, she shares, she has a sense of community about her that I find refreshing.     And beautiful.

Interesting how Bridgesburning is her name yet she seems to building bridges all over the world.

Thank you Bridges!!   You have made my blogging day!!!!