Thank You Bloggers

Bridgesburning has sent me three awards.   I posted yesterday a thank you and my obligatory 7 secrets about me.   But now I am to pass on these awards to others.   This is a wonderful way to expose other people to writers and styles not necessarily like me.   I don’t have a huge quantity of other blogger knowledge.  Or knowledge of any kind for that matter.

Actually many of the “other” bloggers I enjoy were found via Bridges!   Or Fresh Pressed.   Once I figured out what Fresh Pressed was.   How to get to it on a regular basis, and what its purpose was.  Is.   I have to admit, I’m pretty amazed at the blogging going on out there.   We give such great entertainment to the world!!!!   For free!  World, you are welcome.

I think I am going to present the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD.   For each of the people who I am awarding this to, they have a style all their own.   In their individuality I find great style and fascination.

I can’t start with anyone but Bridgesburning.   I love her attitude.   Her MOG stories and G1 and G2 grabbed me first.  Her sense of community and desire to encourage and help has kept me write there with her.   That’s some classy style she’s got going.

Reservoir Blog.  I can’t say anything.   He was Fresh Pressed which is how I found him.   He intrigues me.   I find strength in his courage and attitude.  Check him out.  There aren’t a lot of posts.  But his piss and vinegar light me up.  I’m in his corner and cheering him on his path.

Munchkin Wrangler.  I’m new to this blog.   But so far I like what he says.   He’s got a point, and he makes it.

Bendedspoon.  My first “find”.   I love her.  I love her positivity.

So these are my first blog awards.  I hope I did this correctly.  I have 11 more to give out.   But the tornado sirens are blaring so I’m heading to the basement.

Thank you bloggers for sharing your talent, wit, charm, opinions and lives.