FaceBooked In Heaven

I know I post a lot about my ancestory and my dad.  Family stuff.   Work stuff and friend stuff.   You know, life stuff.   Because that’s what this is all about.   Living and loving and learning and friending and relationships.    Right?   Amen.

I’ll tie all of that in to one neat little package today.   I was sitting at work with the two people I work closest with.   The three of us make up a team, our team is responsible for investigating a lot of bad stuff that happens to older folks.   I could go in to much more detail, but that’s it in a nutshell.   It’s not like we ever get called to investigate someone being too nice to an older folk.  So we have a lot of pretty intense conversations.   We work together.

We have also all lost our fathers.   One of us just very recently.    We couldn’t really help her with her pain by doing anything.   But understanding it and knowing her suffering was something we could do.   And still do.   It’s still that fresh.   We share our lives.

Today the three of us were catching each other up on a few of our cases and phone calls.   One of us tells the others about a dream she had.   We found it pretty funny, because…. well you wouldn’t find it as funny as us because we applied different meaning to what she was trying to tell us.   When she finished, the other one of us exclaimed:

“Colleen I have to tell you about my dream!!!   I can’t believe I didn’t tell you!   At 2:20 this morning I had a dream.   My dad and your dad are Facebook friends in heaven!”

There was no doubt or hesitation in my response.   It brought me pure joy.   It made me happy.   And by the look on her face, it made her happy.   I believe it to be true.  I know it to be true.   Why wouldn’t our fathers be friends in heaven?  And why wouldn’t they want us to know it?

And seeing as how one of us is always the last to join a new technology and be current with the rest of the world we assume it is hereditary and someone needs to bring Little Tony up to speed.   As any one of us are apt to do at any given time we teach one another something.  As do most people in healthy relationships. We are sure that Bob and Jim are going to “friend” Little Tony.   We learn from one another, we teach one another.

If our relationships are this strong here, and we found one another, it only makes sense that they would find one another.   The relationships here are as important as the relationships there.  And they are founded in living, working and learning together.

I just hope they don’t waste their time on Farmville.