Nashville Does A Bike Bridge Good

Nashville in addition to your musical existence and purpose you have done your self proud with your bike trail.   And redeemed yourself in my heart.  I was here a few years ago.  We purposely went out of our way to come here to ride a bike trail that was touted on your tourism pages.

We got here to find that 1. the trail was not complete and 2. the part of the trail that was complete was under construction.    That was a sad, sad bike trip that year.

This time we parked at a water park and took off towards the river.   What a beautiful trail.  I was glad to be on this side of the fence:

I am certain I was happier than 99% of those on the inside of that fence.

Then we headed in to a torrential flood of people heading towards us.   We finally pulled over and asked what was going on.   It was a “walk with the mayor” event.  We asked them to tell the mayor that folks from Ohio love their trail.  But we turned around and went back the other way.  To get out of their way.   When we pulled away they said “go Ohio!”    Good spirit Tennessee!

I wish I had the camera because I would have taken a picture of at least one of the 3200 hundred people on the trail who gave me the peace sign when I said “on your left” or “good morning”.   I haven’t seen the peace sign so much since my siblings and I grew up and moved  into separate homes.   In case you didn’t know, we started the influx of the peace sign across America.   Yes.   We did.

So we turned back.   Headed towards the Titan’s stadium.   And we come up to this incredibly beautiful and long bike bridge.   It’s a full out bridge.   For bikes.   And runners and skaters.   And despite my title I don’t have a picture of the full bridge and the river it expands across.   We don’t have the right camera to take the pictures we want.   But we tried.  This is a bike bridge.   

Then a very nice lady took our picture together.

Then she invited us to her church’s inside fireworks tonight.   Tennessee, I love you.

And the only reason I even know of the Tennessee Titans is because of OSU’s Eddie George.   Go Bucks!  Go Titans!

We couldn’t get any closer because everything was closed getting things set up for fireworks.   So Husband asks the events guard sitting in front of this car about the pedestrian bridge we were told about to find and cross in to down town.  The guy chuckled and said “it’s closed because someone is having dinner on it”.   Keep an eye out for an outside wedding in Tennessee.  Whoever it is has enough moulah to rent a bridge in downtown Nashville for their nuptials and wedding party.

Nice shout out to Tennessee for their bike trail.   And their wonderfully nice people upon it.

When we returned to the hotel I suggested we find a local bike shop.   Though, if we do that I may be tempted to buy a new bike.   But then we need a new bike carrier because the current one only hauls 2 bikes.   Husband says “that ain’t happening”.   I accept the challenge.