Dance This Way

Ireland has taken over the world.

You would think.

Because people from all over the world have converged on this hotel in Tennessee to dance their Irish dances.

And let me tell you…this is some fierce competition.

The hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousand? of kids dancing is overwhelming.   Not to mention the support teams made up of instructors, family and classmates who have shown up to support these kids.

I don’t even like dresses and some of these costumes impress even me.

But mostly what impresses me?

The kids themselves.   The discipline and dedication they put forth is the kind of effort you see in champions.   The little not quite toddlers and up are rippling with muscles.   Which of course makes me very jealous.  No matter how hard I work for the rest of my life I will never be able to attain the muscle tone these kids have.   And their discipline?  Think of how far in life they can go with the discipline they have learned and implemented to getting them here, to the Nationals.   The Nationals.   And that does not just mean USofA.   It includes all of Northern America and every visiting country who wanted to show up.

Color me impressed.

Everything has to be perfect.

From hair:

To the hair band:

To the make up (I have decided I could never be a competitive Irish dancer.  Fix my hair, put on make up AND wear a dress.  God knows me better than that.)

Down to making sure the buckle on the shoe is perfectly lined:

Make sure you love to dance like the Irish and make sure the world sees your love for it:

Then you can forget about everything else.  When the music starts…go dance.

And the world will dance with you.

Congratulations to all of the young dancers who were so incredibly dedicated and good that you made it to the Nationals.

The Nationals.   

Not everyone can dance this way.

But the world sure loves watching you dance that way.