Thanks For Having Us Nashville!

We finally made it downtown, in to Nashville.

Our first attempt ended at the pedestrian bridge that had been closed off because someone was getting married on it.

The second attempt ended when all of Nashville was closed for something, possibly the city’s celebrating of the 4th.   I don’t know for sure though.

Today we headed out to get in one more bike ride.   Back to the most wonderful bike bridge I have yet seen.

The fact that Tennessee had the wisdom and foresight to do this is just brilliant I tell you.  If you don’t want people to drive so much, and you want them to still access your cities and towns, make biking and walking safer and more accessible.   And Tennessee is doing it.

We headed towards the stadium and what do you know, another incredible bridge.  Though technically everyone referred to it as a pedestrian bridge, it is bike friendly.   And you can see everything you want to go and see, from there.

Heading up up up.  Not sure what I’m going to see…

Why….Nashville of course!

So we went down in to Nashville and guess who we ran in to first???

That’s right!  ELVIS!!!!

I think he’s using hair dye now.

Then we went by bars and hot dog trailers.   Yes, trailers.

Then the Husband HAD to have ice cream.   The lady in this ice cream shop was extremely nice.  She’s a biker.  We talked safety.   And where to ride.   And that driver’s scare the bejeebers out of us.  But that Nashville is extremely good at enforcing laws to protect the bikers.   But, the down side to that is there are a lot of drivers who then hate bikers even more.

But if you ever go to Nashville go to Mike’s Ice Cream Shop.   Nice folks.   Great ice cream.  Old time ice cream shoppe feel.

And you can’t go to Nashville, or shouldn’t anyway, without going to the Ryman.

Think of all of the hundreds of singers and guitar players who strolled out of these doors, walked down the street and got ice cream!    Other’s may think they headed to the bars.   Personally, I am pretty sure many of them went to get ice cream.

I like it here.   I don’t want to leave.

But we have to.

So back up the 2nd cool bridge.

And other bikers apparently like it here as well.  They appear to be drafting quite well.

Back to my newest favorite bike bridge.

Can you see me?

Nashville thanks for looking so good, being so inviting and welcoming.

It makes me want to come back.

And stay.

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