Suppose To’s

I’m suppose to be training for a martial arts test.

I’m suppose to be on vacation.

I’m suppose to meet friends a couple of times this week.

I’m suppose to be working towards my biking goal.

I’m suppose to be having fun.

Why is it the only thing I’m doing is painting the house?

Because it needs painted.

And I’m the painter.

The only painter.


I do have a gopher.   He’s a very good and devoted gopher.   But not a painter.

There’s other things I’d rather be doing, or would like to be doing….   Sometimes the have to’s out weigh the wants and should’s.

I’m glad I have a house to paint, and I’m glad I have people who want to see me, and I’m glad I have so much to do I don’t have enough time to do it all.   It’s a full life.

No complaints.

Just painting.