A Surprise Around Every Corner

Some days you have all planned out.  Some days you don’t.   Today I did not have planned a week ago.  It was suppose to be a free day.   But the house is taking longer to paint than anticipated.   I think I have put 24 hours of painting in to this little itty bitty house in the last two days.   So I went to bed last night with a plan.   Get up.   And paint again.  I wanted to get it done so I could have a day or two of unplanned and unoccupied vacation.

Didn’t work out that way.

Woke up to rain.  So….plan shifting.  Let’s go get the doors we want to replace!   Okay, lets!  We go to Lowes and pick out doors.  Lights.  We actually went last night but Husband forgot his coupon so we had to go back and pick up the doors we picked out and ended up getting another one.   We go to check out and …. The card is rejected.   Of course it is.  Lady asks us if it’s a credit or debit card and we tell her debit.   She was exceptionally patient and helpful.  She said to call the bank.  We probably have a limit on daily spending (we do) and can not purchase this large amount.  So we call the bank after standing there for ten minutes discussing it.  Finally the bank lady says “I’ll call you right back, I’ll work this as a critical call”.   Okay.   Lowes Lady Extraordinaire keeps going to another check out to check others out so they don’t have to wait for us.  That woman needs a raise.  She represented her company in a great way.   But the bank never calls back.  She pushes every thing to the side of the store and we arrange to come back and get it when this is straightened out.   We leave and five minutes later the phone rings, bank lady tells Husband it’s all taken care of!  He may now use his card.

Husband drops me off home.  He goes to get stuff.  Sure enough, the card does not work.   Bank Lady needs to give her daily wages to the Lowes Lady.   Fortunately Husband took old fashioned checks with him to pay for it.

Get home.

Still raining.    Do some touch up on the porch.

Stops raining.

I start working on the trim on the side of the house.  See:

This is starting to feel a little deja-vu-ish.

I keep hearing World’s Greatest Neighbor talking to Husband.  But they were around the front of the house.  So I didn’t know what they were talking about.  I assumed WGN was helping Husband with the door he was working on.

After awhile I walk around front to get a drink.   Husband says “peek around the corner”.   So I peek around the corner of the house.  To look at the side of the house furthest from where I was working.   And this is what I see:

Now planned day or not there are some things I do not expect.  But they make me feel better than anything I could have planned.